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2010 Bachelor in Industrial Design at University of Rome

2015 BA in Graphic Design at Gerrit Rietveld Academie

2018 MA in Art Praxis at Dutch Art Institute


Luca Carboni — Graphic design, Berlin / Cagliari

email (public key)  +49 176 21484304  /  +39 328 0571077


  • ⑧ Surrounded by water

    This series of maps is originated by the need intervening into the cultural, social and political landscape of Sardinia. The maps introduce a personal view on such themes, suggesting a field in which to work, research and produce. First step of a long term field of action.

    To be continued. 2015.

  • ⑦ Gerrit Rietveld Academie diplomas 2015

    Design of the diplomas that the academy awarded to 186 fresh artists and designers. It's not easy to design your own diploma, but it can be highly rewarding! Together with Rabea Ridlhammer. 2015.

  • ⑥ W139 posters and van

    I was asked by W139 in Amsterdam to produce a series of silk screen prints to illustrate some of their principles. Can buy it here. And they wanted their van pimped up. 2015.

  • ⑤ 4 screens, 12 hours, 27 posters

    A wallpaper of A0 posters especially produced in one session of 12 hours for the room installation of the graphic design graduation show 2015. My ego on a wall. Not the best, but probably bigger, bolder and more colorful than anything else in the building. Kindly assisted by my buddies Brent Dahl and Lou Buche. 2015.

  • ④ Get it,Gerrit!

    Get it, Gerrit! is a pop-up bookshop that collects, exhibits and sells the works of the students of the graphic design department of the GRA. It has appeared so far in Amsterdam and Paris, and perhaps it will appear again somewhere else. GiG is me, Ott Metusala, Noëm Held, Andrada Smaranda and Lou Buche. 2015.

  • ③ The secret poetry of the EU

    12 postcards, 12 lighthouses, 12 stars on the flag of the EU, 12 commitments to its economical rules. Trying to nail down the secret poetry of the European Union, together with Noëm Held. We also designed a font based on DIN, we call it LN Bridges, download for free here. 2014.

  • ② South Side Youth United 96

    Scarf, jackets and other stuff for a fictional group of football supporters. A research about sport and class consciousness for the Radical Sport Centre, a project conducted by Marc Roig Blesa and Rogier Delfos. Together with Noëm Held, Miquel Hervás Gómes, Tomas Malpique, Ruben Baart and Jasper Gottlieb. 2014.

  • ① Local newspaper

    Slogans, news, racism, migrations, monarchy, homosexuality, nationalism, stereotypes, fascism, patriarchy, war, colonialism. That's all, folks. 2014.

  • ⓪ Other stuff

    Other things i've done or that i find worth of showing.



...and the van:


We still have a lot. If you want them, drop me a line.

But wait, there is more: we also did the scarf!

And an underground fanzine!

Nowhere to be found anymore.

Graphic Design, Rietveld Academie, class of 2015

turns out it is useful sometimes

fast forward, con Brent

...who could they ever be?

B/W silkscreen is top when white on black paper

visual identity for Studio FedLev, in charge of the design of the new building of the GRA

that bag on his laps was also my design for W139

for Landen Festival 2014

as simple as that.

John Berger and Slavoj Žižek in the Voo store, Berlin. Somebody must have thought that it's cool to have Penguin books around, because if anybody there had read the books they would be ashamed of themselves.